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The Italian Job

Travelling around the world for inspiration is a regular occurrence for the team at James Lakeland, but nothing comes close the chic, understated flare of Italy. Selecting fabrics from the ancient wine region of Valpolicella, east of Lake Garda and beauty spots like the famous Lake Como, adds to the brands ethos of seeking and using only the highest quality fabrics. From traditional wooden spinning mills to more modern methods of fabric making, either way it take time and patience to ensure perfection, and like the saying goes…’Rome wasn’t built in day.’
One of our favourite spots has to be Lake Como – for it’s ancient architecture and urber elegant hotels, restaurants and bars. Visiting this summer…?. Here are some interesting facts to help you navigate around this beauty hotspot.
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Bellagio. Located at the northern tip of the triangular landmass that divides the lake’s southern half into two branches, Bellagio is widely considered to be among the most beautiful towns in Europe.
Running up to 410-425 meters deep, Lake Como is one of the deepest lakes within Europe due to its glacial origin, and perhaps, one of the most beautiful. It is also the third biggest lake in Italy after Lake Garda and Lake Maggiore.
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The first museum dedicated to a toy horse in the world, Museo del Cavallo Giocattolo , is located in Como. It presents a rich exhibition of 535 toy horses that were produced since the 1700s.
Nowadays, Como with its marvelous landscapes is a celebrity hotspot. Although famous actors try to keep their private life to themselves, it is known that George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Antonio Banderas, David Beckham, Catherine Zeta Jones and others own villas on the shores of the lake.
Wondering if you saw Como before? You probably did. Lake Como was used several times in Hollywood movies. The most famous movies include but are not limited to, Ocean’s TwelveCasino Royale and Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones .