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Vegan Fashion and our Signature Faux Fur Coats

Vegan fashion has become a big thing in the industry. Cruelty-free apparel is taking the fashion world by storm.

Once laughed at as a short-lived fad, animal free fashion has become not just a trend, but mainstream. Replacing real fur with faux fur has many advantages. Firstly no animals have been harmed. Secondly man-made faux leather or suede holds great aesthetic versatility and can be created in a rainbow choice of colours. Thirdly, it’s economical and cheaper than the real thing.

Vegan Leather

Faux, or vegan leather has been part of our collections for a number of years. This Autumn we have introduced an iconic faux leather statement coat, embellished with sequins, perfect for a pop of glamour.

Our zip jacket has also had a seasonal update, featuring a faux patent leather detail, perfect for the autumnal weather change.

Faux Suede

To complete the look go for faux suede trousers. Super soft to the touch and extremely comfortable, these are a perfect alternative to real suede. The added benefit of a stretch to the fabric, ensures there is plenty of space, something you wouldn’t get from animal skin.

It is no surprise many people actually prefer faux suede to the real deal. Faux suede – or ‘suedette’ – offers a range of benefits over opting for real leather. This animal-friendly alternative maintains the appearance and texture of suede down to the soft, brushed surface without the disadvantage of fraying or potential matting. It’s also much easier to clean; genuine suede is sensitive to water, but faux suede is usually created with a water repellent quality so it can be safely and easily cleaned. If that wasn’t enough, the tightly woven nature of faux suede means it repels stains easily – so you won’t even need to wash it as often. Did we also mention it’s significantly cheaper?

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