James Lakeland's 1970's Haven - James Lakeland InspirationJames Lakeland Inspiration James Lakeland's 1970's Haven - James Lakeland Inspiration

James Lakeland’s 1970’s Haven

Lys Lakeland was the original force behind the fashion brand James Lakeland. Her sense of style, flare for chic prints and understanding of Italian tailoring is still the backbone to the business today. Sadly in 2016 Lys lost her battle to Cancer, but her legacy is still firmly imbedded in the company.

It was back in the 70’s that Lys and her three children, Nicholas, James and Philippa came to live in London from Italy. Just like in fashion, Lys wanted to make her home a sophisticated haven for her and her family.

Featuring iconic classics such as the leather Le Corbuiser chaise lounge was a given. Lys never faltered on her flair for style, which echoed throughout her home. Dark wood G-plan cabinets and dinning table and chairs were heavily used hosting her large family and friends, one of her favourite pastimes, along side fashion of course.

Italian Murano handmade glass lights with scalloped finishing in a milky white hang over the centre dinning suite incorporating her love for anything Italian.  Lys scattered geometric patterned rugs and carpets on the dark wooden floors to keep in line with the cosy feeling of her home as well as love for pattern and colour.

The 1970’s saw the move towards self expression and individuality, hallmarks of the time and something key to Lys’s choice of furnishing.

Bold chunky wood combined with geometric carpets and contemporary art made her home a classic 1970’s sanctuary and remains one today where James and his family still lives.


It seems that Lys Lakeland understood fashion and home décor in very much the same way as this classic 1970’s era and is still very much in vogue today and sought after by many wishing to replicate it.

Travelling all over the world gave Lys a rich and diverse style making her home a place to reflect her true personality and something strongly resonant in her much loved children today.



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