JAMES LAKELAND TURNS 25! - James Lakeland InspirationJames Lakeland Inspiration JAMES LAKELAND TURNS 25! - James Lakeland Inspiration


Celebrating 25 years of designing and creating women’s clothing.

This year James Lakeland is turning 25 and to mark this occasion he has turned his hand at creating a collection that is his most luxurious to date. This Autumn Winter the collection features indulgent, bespoke fabrics sourced from remote regions all over Italy, something that has remained a defining feature since the very beginning. Faux fur, clashing florals with animal prints and subtle yet chic embellishments takes this season to a whole new level of sophisticated, refined style.


Where it all began….

It all started from an early age and a passion to dress women in beautifully cut clothing and with James’s Italian blood he had a natural flare for colour, print and style. Back in the day it was a tiny showroom, stuffed to the brim with cashmere and designs taking up every inch of the space.  However, 25 years on things are quite different now with over 30 shops and concessions  and a thriving head office and online business as well as a busy wholesale department and international salesforce selling all over the globe.


The 25th Anniversary Shopping Tote

We wanted to create a shopping tote that could be used over and over but one that would also look chic too as well as to commemorate the 25th anniversary and here is the end result. So make sure when shopping at James Lakeland this month you get your super stylish ‘forever’ 25th black and gold shopping tote with every purchase of the new collection.


Lastly but by no means least ‘THE SILVER LIMITED EDITION LEATHER TRENCH’ has just landed as part of the James Lakeland Luxury brand.

Celebrating this momentous occasion James Lakeland has designed an exclusive, limited edition ‘silver leather trench’ coat. With a large chic lapel collar, this classic leather trench is a standout celebration of style and fashion. The James Lakeland Luxury label celebrates modern classic designs with indulgent fabrics such as the buttery soft leather.


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