A HIDDEN TREASURE IN TUSCANY - James Lakeland InspirationJames Lakeland Inspiration A HIDDEN TREASURE IN TUSCANY - James Lakeland Inspiration


Creating our collection in Italy not only means bespoke made in some of the top traditional factories in the world. It also means regular visits for the team. Italy, for a summer holiday or weekend break is inspiring and will make even the faint heated fall in love with this beautiful country. So when the team go for regular design trips throughout the year, James and the team sniff out the best places to stay. This time the team visits Tuscany!

A Day at the Villa

Credits to:https://www.artimino.com/en/location-for-events/

On our most recent visit it was the beautiful Artimino. This jewel in the crown of Tuscany exudes the rustic charms of rural Italy. Tucked away in the hills about 45 minutes drive from Florence. The journey there is just as enchanting. Winding rounds, edged with tall poplar trees and surrounded by olive groves. You know your final destination be a captivating adventure.

Greeted with a warm embrace (James has been coming here for years!) we immediately feel totally relaxed after a full day of designing. The historic building has been loving restored, still featuring many of the original features. The rooms do not disappoint either. Combining the old with the new so none of our modern day needs are compromised.

Dining at Da Delfina

Eat and drink like a king. The local wine and food in Tuscany may not be forgiving on the hips. Bike hire will help burn off the amazing breakfast on offer or a dip in the beautiful pool. The local olive oil is another treasure to behold. We put it on nearly everything, even our dessert!

Within the medieval village of Artimino and part of the hotel is the local Spa. Designed to offer moments of pure well-being and relaxation. Embrace the idyllic surrounding of pure nature and bath in the hot tub. Have a massage with local essentials oils, whilst sipping herbal teas. And if this isn’t enough take advantage of the bespoke facials on offer to improve circulation, hydrate and invigorate.

Credits to: https://www.artimino.com/en/hospitality/wellness-spa

Lose yourself in this beautiful place of pure relaxation and beauty. For more information and to book click here.

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